Will my ex come back tarot

Years ago I was involved in very short lived relationship. It lasted two months; it ended because of his EX, who was trying to win him over again. Long story short, after two months of dating he decided to go back to his EX. I was hurt and felt betrayed, but there was nothing much I could do. I let him go. Months later he and his EX broke up the second time; this time for good.

Over two years later he came back to me and started conversation with me via texting message. Instead his messages were playful and he hid his real intention of getting me back with different types of emoticons. I replied him with a kind, friendly way, but was message was clear — nope, I am not interested in this anymore. I was starting to get a little bit worried; simply because I thought I was still too harsh on him and now he is afraid of sending me reply. I shuffled cards and pulled five cards out of the deck.

Meanwhile surrounding cards can give us some extra information about the content of this coming reply. He replied around PM, his message was funny, kind and a bit sexual as well.

Once I made clear, where we stand, he understood. We are still good friends. Are you in doubts? Do you need clarification?

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Will my EX come back? So, what happened?Breaking: Sen. Lackey clinches SGA presidency in nail-biting second round. Small artists you are big-time missing out on. Ian Henshaw. As astrology has hit the mainstream, from horoscopes in Cosmopolitan to apps like Co-Star and Astro Guidetarot card readings have also grown in popularity.

But what is the tarot, and how is it really used? A lot of folks think that the point of tarot is to tell your future. In my experience, though, they can only guide you in deciding how you want to shape your own future by helping you access your intuition.

At the risk of oversimplifying a complex system, consider this: have you ever flipped a coin to make a decision, been disappointed with the results and realized that the other option was the outcome you really wanted? Ian Henshaw Emily Rose Thorne shuffles her tarot cards. A traditional tarot deck contains 78 cards, 22 of which comprise the Major Arcana. The rest fall into the Minor Arcana. The majority of tarot cards consist of the Minor Arcana.

will my ex come back tarot

These cards refer to day-to-day experiences, feelings and situations, and their meanings can be devised by considering their separate parts: suit, number and Court rank.

Cups represent emotions, interpersonal relationships, intuition and the element of Water; Wands signify elemental Fire, personal will, energy, and creativity; Swords represent danger, power, intellect, cunning and the Air element; and Coins stand for Earth energy, grounding, physical sensation and worldly experiences such as accumulating wealth.

From there, the number on the card helps you understand to what extent the keywords of the Suit are being evoked:. Princess and Pages are youthful, embodying new perspectives on the traits associated with the suit. Princes and Knights represent a potential imbalance, moments of high energy mixed with bouts of procrastination.

Will Your Ex Come Back? -- Pick a Card Tarot

The Queen is the most mature embodiment of her suit and leads with intention, while the King leads with swiftness and setting boundaries.

Some indie decks I like are The Tarot, psychedelic-art-themed cards by Oliver Hibert, and Fifth Spirit Tarot, a queer re-imagining of the traditionally gendered tarot by non-binary artist Claire Burgess.Feb 27, Tarot To The Rescue. A lost love, a long departed ex, an old flame from high school…. I cannot count the number of times I have read for people who are hung up on a past relationship.

Letting go of a relationship is never an easy process. Sometimes that is a good thing: an ex suddenly comes to their senses, realizes you are the one and returns with a true commitment this time. Or a person from the past reemerges and you remember how you never gave them a fair chance.

Yeah, you know what I am talking about. That means letting it go and turning it over to the Universe. Sometimes it is worth putting in a little effort to win back a loved one. And tarot can help us to find the way to a healthy resolution — whether that be a loving reunion or letting go once and for all.

One of my favorite spreads and one that I use a lot for many issues was created by my friend, Donnaleigh host of Beyond Worlds.

The REAL Reason Why Tarot Readers Tell You Your Ex Isn’t Coming Back

The brilliance of this spread is that you get an idea of where you currently stand, what obstacles you may face, and advice as well as a potential outcome.

This well rounded approach gives true guidance in an easy to work with format for readers of all levels. My client, Marielle, is hung up on her old boyfriend, Ricardo. Marielle has been texting him and trying to contact him from time to time but no answer. She believes he is the love of her life and is holding out hope for a reconciliation. This is the card of the complete ending.

The figure lies face down, swords in his back — a sign of total and utter failure. The challenge : 2 of Wands — here, the figure is looking back at the 10 of Swords and holding a globe in his hand.

Her challenge is that she is putting her whole life on hold as she waits for Ricardo to come back. She cannot force this to happen and she needs to realize that. No amount of pushing or pleading or texting is going to bring this man back. Make peace, forgive and send him on his way with acceptance. Stop resisting. Likely outcome : Ace of Swords reversed — in due time, her mind will change. A few notes: there are no Cups suit in this reading nor anything that would indicate a return. That says to me that the heart connection with Ricardo is severely broken.

Missing suits tell me a lot. What would I be looking for in regards to a sign of hope? The following cards could show a valiant return: The Lovers, 2 of Cups, 3 of Cups although that may sometimes show a love triangle situation4 of Wands, 8 of Cups reversed coming homeWheel of Fortune, The Star, 9 of Cups, 10 of Cups, 10 of Pentacles, an Ace can signify a new beginning if it is right side upPage of Cups, 6 of Cups.

Notice in the above reading, the predominant suit is Swords. Not a good indicator for reconciliation.Want a free cleansing and banishing guide Yes, please! You need to face the facts that the answer is more than likely never. I see this all the time. Someone is utterly distraught at being broken up with.

Mercer Cluster

They do NOT like it when you point out that the cards say the ex is long gone and will not be coming back. Do not be this person. For your own sanity, and the possibility of ever having a relationship — or a friendship — ever again.

Being dumped sucks. And contrary to popular belief, they will run even further. That belief that a partner will return no matter what is often seen in stalkers. I mean, you also let it go and try to move on, but who I am to tell you what to do with your life, right? Names and details changed to protect everyone involved. Back when I first started as a Tarot reader, I used to offer free readings every three months or so. For a period of maybe nine months, every time I opened these readings I would encounter the same situation, over and over again.

One would be someone different each time, or someone anonymous. But one of them would always be the same woman, begging to know when her cheating ex would return to marry her. Not if. But when. Apparently not. He broke up with her because, according to him, the relationship moved too fast. She was upset because he married this other one, so surely his problem is not with marriage? Since he married the other lady, surely he was actually thinking of marrying her, instead?

This is an extreme example, but I see it all the time. I get it. Yes, some people DO get back together. Get five free Tarot spreads that will kick-start your Tarot learning and get you reading like a pro in no time. Join other seekers today! Fabulous post! And so true. I get the same questions All. Skip to content Want a free cleansing and banishing guide Yes, please!This is one of the most often asked questions I get as a Tarot Reader. It is hard to move on without knowing the answer if we still love the one who left, even if we know in our minds that moving on is for the best.

Sometimes relationships fall apart and we are quick to judge the other person, blaming the breakdown on them when really we know that it takes two and you are just as responsible as they for creating the dynamic you had and that led to the breakdown.

Anyone who has been around for a while will want to avoid taking sides when the relationships of friends fall apart for this very reason. Those who do take sides often had a vested interest in seeing the relationship end to begin with, or they are manipulated into taking sides.

There are ways to supporting the one who is hurting without playing the blame game, and I say that having lived long enough to play every position in the field…. If what you desire deep down is hidden behind a magic door, what would the door look like? What kind of lock would it have? What is the key like? Are you holding the key? What is the handle like? What does it feel like to push the door open and step through? Granted, if applied to the desire to reconnect with an ex, this implies that unlocking the door to an AWOL lover is in our control.

The Magic Door Spread truly is a magical spread in that it sheds light on all aspects of the desire to reconnect as well as the best way forward if there is one. Your motivation — The first card shows you the real underlying reason for your desire to reconnect.

It indicates if you want them back to soothe a bruised ego or if there is true love there.

Former Flame Tarot Reading

What you had — These two cards represent the relationship dynamic you had in the past and sheds further light on the first card. The handle — This card shows you what action you would need to take to reconnect. An outside influence currently affecting the situation — No need to elaborate.

will my ex come back tarot

The key — If you received a green light for using that door handle, then this is the key that unlocks the lock and gives you the understanding you need to open the door. There are ways to supporting the one who is hurting without playing the blame game, and I say that having lived long enough to play every position in the field… But I digress.These are valid questions and one which as a Tarot reader you should not shy away from asking.

At different times in our lives, we have all asked about the return of an ex and went hunting for the Tarot spreads and cards which will give us answers. When I was nineteen, I performed a Tarot reading on whether or not my ex from when I was fourteen would return. At the time I predicted that he was in love with someone else which he was but that he would return which he did. While you may feel too close to read the situation, I do believe that it is probably best if you read the cards yourself and do not consult another reader.

Heartache is a good opportunity for you to get experience with predicting these situations. You can then go on and predict these things for other people if you read others because you will be experienced in the matter.

There is no one Tarot card which represents the return of an ex. Instead, you will want your reading to include these cards especially if they appear in the future also known as outcome or positive also known as strength or advantage spread positions. I have more detailed relationship card meanings in my Love Tarot Meanings e-book feel free to check that out.

The Wheel of Fortune: This Tarot card symbolises a turn in fortune and everything starting to go your way. If you feel as though you have had nothing but bad luck in the love department, this is a desirable card. The Empress: The Empress was one of the cards which really stuck out when I read whether or not my ex was going to come back, so I now interpret it as my top ten reconciliation Tarot cards. The Sun : The Sun is all about happiness and getting what you want, hence why it made the list.

The Eight of Wands: The Eight of Wands does not promise a reconciliation as such but it does mean that your ex will call, text or contact you and you will have a heart to heart.

In most cases, if you have the Six of Cups in your reading, it means that your ex will more than likely return. The Seven of Cups: While it is not a reconciliation card as such the Seven of Cups can indicate that your ex just needs some time apart to figure out what they want. The Ten of Cups: I remember seeing the Ten of Cups in many of my readings before me and my ex reconciled.

Although I was not reading about him in particular, I can remember always seeing that card at the time and also after we had got back in contact. It is for this reason, that I would read it as a reconciliation card. While I do not read it that way I have included it on our list just in case you do.

Once you have read the list of Tarot cards which indicate a reconciliation, it is time to perform a reading on the matter. I have designed this quick spread, which we shall call The Reconciliation Spread. Feel free to try this spread for yourself.

If Mary was performing this reading, ideally she would ask the spirits of her ancestors to help her perform the best reading possible. Mary would then lay the cards out as shown:. The first card represents the past.

In the past, we can see that Mary and Max had their issues. There is a Three of Swords in their past so I am inclined to believe that they have fallen out before; this is not their first break-up. The second position in this spread symbolises the current situation.

In the present, we can see that Mary and Max are taking a break from each other as indicated by the Four of Swords. In the third position we have what Mary should do; she has the Three of Cups. Mary needs to go out and enjoy herself with her friends. She should show Max she is not sitting at home worrying about him. The fourth position shows what Mary should NOT do. Mary should not be the Queen of Cups and act loving and supportive towards Max.

There is a possibility that this will only drive a further wedge between them.Not all Tarot card readings are created equally. Some readings are meant to help you with general insight, while others are designed to help you get to the heart of the matter in love and relationships. Are you wondering if you'll ever find love? Are you curious if your love will last forever? Will your ex-boyfriend come back to you?

will my ex come back tarot

We've created a variety of unique love Tarot readings to help answer these questions and any other questions you have on your quest for long-lasting love. We've all experienced that "what just happened?! One minute your romantic connection is warm and easy and then it suddenly goes cold.

When this happens, you're confused and left asking: What changed between us? What are they thinking? How can I make this better? Clarity can be yours, because this Tarot reading gives you insight into how your lover is feeling in this very moment! This Tarot spread for love helps you on your search to find your soulmate. Have you been asking yourself questions like: Is he my soulmate? Will we get married? When will I meet someone?

If so, this reading will help guide you toward the infinite love you've been searching for. Relationships are not always smooth sailing, and sometimes it can seem impossible to repair a wounded love connection.

This reconciliation Tarot spread provides the advice and guidance needed as you attempt to restore a relationship that has gone awry. Put your relationship back on track -- before it's too late! Creating a successful relationship is not just about understanding your significant other, but it's also about having a grasp on all the factors at play in your relationship.

This relationship Tarot spread explores the dynamics between you and your partner, as well as revealing issues that may affect your ability to sustain a long-term connection with this person. One of the difficulties of finding love is knowing how to make the most of the romantic opportunities in front of you -- and how to avoid the internal and external obstacles in your path.

This Tarot spread helps you uncover the factors influencing your love potential so that you can find success on your journey toward love. Not all romantic encounters have a fairytale ending. During our pursuit of love, our hearts will inevitably get broken, but that doesn't mean we have to fall apart! This Tarot reading for a broken heart helps eliminate your suffering and empowers you to reclaim your personal power as you move on from that experience.

Don't see a Tarot reading that fits your situation? Not to worry! Browse our catalog of love readings to find a spread that's perfect for YOU!

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