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Looking to prank your friends or close family member with lots of dirty sms or calls? Bombitup is a text bomber app. The app lets you make prank of your friends and make fun among your circle.

We call it an SMS bomber apk for android. The app itself is heavy loaded with so many cool features which can get crams in your stomach. Download Now. You will laugh out a lot and say wow! What a wonderful app I got. The developer of the app is from India. But the app is quite popular among the globe now. Before it only supports India as a country but now you can prank all over the world with the BombitUP app for android. The word itself explains the meaning.

The bomb means it sounds like flood or attack, Bombitup, does it now.

Best Miss Call Bomber Apk: Tak Zang Apk Latest Version

The app not only capable of bombing text messaging but it will enable you to bombing emails too. You can do some sort of marketing too. But do it in a limit. Every good thing comes with some sort of limitation and rules. Another cool thing about the app is, you can protect yourself from other bomb messages. Will show you how. But you have to walk an extra mile with me to do so. Sms bomber apk for android device, you might be searching for the same phrase or you might not.

But the motive of the app is same. Which I already shared above. You might not be able to send emails, messages, etc anonymously. If you want to do so, then you have to purchase the sms bomber credits. You can get sms bomber free credits by doing a survey and completing offers. So if you look the app for making pranks then the app might be a great fit for you.

But if you need the app to make some sort of horror stories then you need to pay for the credits. I hope you got the things. So are you ready to bomb it up? Make the best out of the rest is what we need to do for now. Note : This app comes with some sort of restriction.Do you want to play with your friend, and want to make his phone busy like a hell?

Tak Zang Miss Call Bomber is just for you, an application which offers you unlimited miss calls to a given number. The application is also famous for the miss-call bombing.

With just one tap of your finger, the other person will be receiving hundreds of calls. The application is just provided for the fun purpose, any illegal use of the application can land you behind the bar. But remember one thing, if you want to tease your friend with miscalls, do not go beyond 50 in one hour.

Otherwise, PTA will block your services. PTA is the office having a close eye on our calls, and if the watchdogs find us, making that number of calls, we may go into hot waters. So, use the application, but with some care and slowly. As I mentioned, Tak Zang is the application which allows you to make a bombing of miscalling to your friend or to whom you want to tease. The application got a simple interface, with just one tap; you will be calling to someone.

And, there are other classifications of the features. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Apps Tools. Developer -- Facebook Twitter Pinterest Telegram Whatsapp. Report this app Download links do not work There is a new version Others.

Description Do you want to play with your friend, and want to make his phone busy like a hell? Download Tak Zang app from the given download link, the app is not available on Google Play Storeand if you to search the app on the play store, it is possible you may provide with the fake app. And you know the installation of an application grabbed from the third party source. And now install this application, launch it.

call bomber apk

Now, you will be provided with the five different options, the screen of the app is adorned with five amazing options. I think there is no further need to explain these options; you can have an idea about using these different sections. Tap on the very first option, start. And next, you need to give the contact number to whom you want to send miss calls. Though you can directly put the contact from the contact list, the option is available. Next, you need to give the numbers of miscalling you want to forward to the given number.

As I narrated, do not go beyond Now, the 2nd option, you need to set the time of miscalling. The other person can catch you on miscall, and attend the call coming. This option will ask you to put the seconds and after going the call to the given number of seconds, will disconnect by itself. If you want to stop these calls you can touch on the screen, and the lights on the screen will go off.So, If you landed on this article while searching for something to prank with your friends or to take revenge from your enemies, then you are at the perfect place.

But how?? Some of you might not be aware of Miss Call Flooder. Sounds Interesting? Obviously, It is. Using Miss call Flooder Script you can irritate your friends by giving them numerous missed call notifications.

I know that you now want to know about how to actually use miss call flooder aka online call bomber.

call bomber apk

Using a missed call flooder script is very easy. You just have to enter the mobile number that you want to bomb and the number of miss calls you want to send. And you are done with it…. To increase limits or any kind of queries, Contact Us via our Facebook Page. Neither I nor MyFiredBrain is responsible in case of any harm caused by you.

This trick is only for educational purposes. Any Queries? Feel free to comment below…. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Nothing as of now! Like my page and share! Otp cracks and paytm loots and giveaways are assured.

Bro iss link me to limited miss call bomber hai not unlimited call bomber. Pls provides script for unlimited call bomber. If someone try to call back on that number then what to do I mean that number your giving miss call are is in real or virtual means if anyone call back on it can that person able to call.

It is not working …. It shows that successfully bombed but the no.Are you looking for an application that lets you give missed calls to other phone numbers?

You are in the right place then. Tak Zang APK is a lightweight app for sending unlimited automatic missed calls to frank your friends. So do install Tak Zang app and have fun with your friends. Send unlimited missed calls using Tak Zang app in a single click. It has removed from that platform due to some policy violations. But you can still download it from external sources. Make sure you download it from trusted sources only. Otherwise few of the apps uploaded with Tak Zang Missed call bomber name and may contain virus.

We will provide you the Download link for Tak Zang Missed Call Boomer and will let you know how to use it for giving unlimited missed call and other useful features like call catcher for answering the incoming calls automatically in the first ring itself.

Download the APK file from the above link. Double click on the APK file to start the Installation process. Now retry the installation, you should not face any issues after allowing APK installation from third party sources. Sit back and check the magic happening. When you enable call catcher feature, it will help you answer the call immediately when someone calls you.

Here is the procedure to use Call Catcher feature:. You can even have option like Answer all calls to lift the calls from all the numbers as soon as they ring. Even if you exit the Tak Zang app, call catcher feature will be running in the background. If you want to stop, just open the call catcher option and uncheck enable button. One important thing to note is phone should be rooted to avail this feature. Tak Zang is one of the best app to frank your beloved ones.

If you install Tak Zang APK, you can send non-stop missed calls to any phone number until they block you :p. There are other features as well with Tak Zang. We have listed down all of them in this blog post.

BombitUp APK Download Latest Version {Call & SMS Bomber}

Do install the Tak Zang app and have fun! If you are facing any issues using Tak Zang app, do let you know through comments. We will help you out. Let us know how did you enjoy the app.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content. Hamza July 1, Super app. Thanks for Article. Md arman October 31, Tak Zang Apk Latest Version : Communication is the key to effective task completion; we humans pass our thoughts to others with the aid of communication; no action can take place without contact.

Calling is a major way of communication in telecommunication; people spend their time more on a call with each other than talking directly face to face. Since the telecom charges have decreased to a great extent, calling has become very much affordable.

People mostly talk to their loved ones on call. Here in this article, I am going to tell you about an application called Tak Zang Apkwith the help of which you can prank your friends by giving them unlimited missed callsto clear all your doubts read the article till the end. In recent years, humans have seen some important inventions in the field of telecommunication; the rates of telecom have slashed to a great extent. Nowadays, most people spend most of their time on the phone.

This application lets you send unlimited numbers of missed calls to your friends just with the help of a click. Tak Zang is a marvelous application to fool your friends; it is a good medium to play a prank on your friends. This application is embedded with several exciting features that make the user experience even more enjoyable, let us have a quick look at some of the features of this application. Hence it does not make your phone slow and laggy.

Tak Zang Apk is a third-party application, so in these cases installing Tak Zang may be a very difficult process for some users. To prevent any challenges, follow the procedure below carefully. Since you are aware that the tak zang application is not available on any official app store. Still you can still download it from other app markets, remember to download a file from a trusted website to protect your device from viruses and malware of any kind.

Step 2 — Then visit apkpure. Step 3 — Open the post of the Tak Zank application, scroll down to the download section, and then click on the download button your downloading will start. After the downloading of Tak Zang Apk is completed, it will not get installed directly as we have downloaded it from sites other than play store; in such a case, we have to install missed call bombers in our phone manually.

Some people might face difficulties in installing this application follow the steps below to install the tak zang application on your phone. Step 1 — Once the downloading is completed, open the downloaded file folder in the file manager.

Step 2 — There in the downloaded file folder click on the Tak Zang application setup file.

call bomber apk

Step 3 — Click on the Next button and install button, respectively, voila, your missed call bomber application is installed. Using the tak zang application is a very simple process if you used any SMS bomber before. Still, it can be a complicated process for those people who have never used such an application before. Step 2 — On the homepage, you will see many options click on the start button. Step 5 — On the next screen, select the duration for which you want to send missed calls.

Step 6 — Click on the start button, and the victim will start receiving missed calls. Yes, this application is safe to use, you can use it without any tension as our team has already checked it. Tak Zang application does not have any element that is dangerous for anyone; this application is purely for entertainment purposes, Hence it is totally legal.

Download SMS Bomber APK 3.03 Latest Version.

Yes, tak zang application is free to download, but make sure that you download it from a trusted and genuine source. Currently, the tak zang application is available only for android; I will let you know if, in the future, this application comes for other operating platforms.

Telecommunication has become an essential need for everyone. Smartphones are compiled with numerous amazing features.Bombitup is one of best SMS bomber available over the web. Bombitup apk is used to do SMS blast on any mobile number. Not only a good SMS bomber but also it is a great call bomber too. You are going to get many amazing features in this app.

If you are not aware of SMS bomber then let me give you a brief description of it. And call bomber will make huge calls from different numbers. The developer of bomb it up and we suggest you to use this app only to do a prank with your friend. Never ever use it to take revenge. It is a very simple but amazing app with a lot of features. It will help you to understand more about this app. After reading the above features you want to download this super duper app?

Your decision is very good. And below is the direct download button for it.

call bomber apk

Just follow these steps —. Simply follow the above steps if you are now aware of how to install the all apk file. After following these you are ready to go. If you still face any issue with it. Just let us know in the comments section. In the end, we just want to say that bomb it up is the great SMS bomber apk for sms blast and to do the prank.

Then let us tell you that these apps are not available on play store.Download SMS Bomber apk from below with our high-speed servers. SMS Bomber pro is a fun app by which you can prank your friends. You can just bomb as many as messages with just one click. SMS bomber apk is also called as text bomber. Latest SMS Bomber apk is an ad-free app. So you can enjoy the app without annoying advertisements and without skip limits.

SMS Bomber Apk Latest 2.25 Download For Android

Sms bomber v3. So now you can bomb your friends even on the 2g network. Call bomber is also built in the latest version of SMS Bomber. So now you can enjoy all in one app for call, Email and text bombing. It is called as Udit karode bomber. You can visit his site here: Ukbomb. Use this app is only for fun purposes. Neither priateapkz nor the developer does not hold any responsibility for the misuse of the app.

You are solely responsible for your deeds. To download the latest version of SMS bomber apk click the download button above. Before installing the SMS bomber apk make sure you check the unknown sources option in settings.

Now head over to your device storage to the downloads folder. You will find the SMS Bomber apk there just click on it and hit install. Now just wait for the installation procedure to finish and you are good to go.

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